Any form of participation in the conference, including submitting and publishing an article, is FREE OF CHARGE.

The conference proceedings will be published online as a book by reputable Polish scientific publishers.

Conference official language: English.

The registration Form

The submission link is

The paper template can be downloaded here(archiv)

Additional requirements for submissions

The title of the paper should be not very long (until 13 words including THE, IN, FOR, etc.) and should be exactly corresponded to the research results which are discussed in the paper. Please, avoid using same words in the title of paper twice.

The paper should not have more than 4 co-authors.

One author can submit only one paper.

Authors can submit only regular paper (12–15 pages of around 400 words each).

Paper structure should generally include: Title, Author’s information, Abstract (100-120 words); Keywords (5-6 words); Introduction; Literature review; Proposed methodology/model/technique; Results/Discussions; Conclusion; References.

References should be, mostly, modern, NOT OLDER than 5 years (2018-2023).

Authors SHOULD NOT use references only to a narrow circle of authors from their educational institution or several institutions. One cascade (group) citation should be no more than 15% of all references.

The self-citation MUST NOT exceed 15% of all references.

Percentage of local publications (a total of your own and from your country) must be less than 20% in the Reference list.

All references should be accompanied with DOI or the Internet-link to the exact resource.

English MUST BE proofread.