State University of Trade and Economics (Kyiv, Ukraine), Poznań University of Economics and Business (Poznań, Poland), University of Commerce and Services (Poznań, Poland), University of Salford (Salford, UK) and Institute of Social and Economic Development (Kyiv, Ukraine) invite representatives of research and industry to participate in our discussion platform for intensifying international cooperation and shedding light on the modern and future challenges of software engineering and cybersecurity.

Conference topics:

  1. National Cybersecurity
    • Cyber Resilience in Critical National Infrastructure
    • Cybersecurity Education and Workforce Development
    • The Role of National Cybersecurity in Economic Stability
    • Ethical Considerations in National Cybersecurity Operations
    • Strategic Frameworks for National Cybersecurity
    • International Cybersecurity
    • Fake News and Disinformation
    • Election Security and Integrity
  2. Cybersecurity: Nowadays Threats and Countermeasures
    • AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
    • Social Engineering, Trust and Human Factor in Security
    • Security of Internet of Things and Ubiquitous Systems
    • Cloud Security
    • Zero Trust Architecture
    • Cybersecurity in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies
    • Denial of Service and Ransomware Attacks
    • Authentication and Authorization Methods
    • Biometrics
    • Firewalls, Deep Packet Inspection, Honeypots
    • Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-theBrowser Attacks
  3. User Privacy
    • Personal Information Security during Peace and War
    • Privacy Preserving Systems
    • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
    • Management of Sensitive Data in Organizations
    • Mobile Device Security
    • Ethical Aspects of User Security and Private Security
  4. Security and Software Engineering
    • Software Engineering within Hybrid Threats
    • Secure Software Development
    • Novel Methods for Code Security Assessment
    • Zero Trust Architectures
    • Threat Modeling Methods
    • Privacy by Design
  5. Software Design, Development and Maintenance
    • Web Design and Web Programming
    • Architecture and Technologies of Mobile Application Programming
    • Enterprise Software Development
    • Software Testing
    • Database Systems
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Expert Systems
    • Internet of Things
    • Information Technologies in Economics
    • Information Technologies in Education

Call for papers